RSS generator

The Challenge

A client wanted an RSS feed of all their videos, hosted on Wista, in a format that could be imported into

The tools

  • Wistia provide a data API to access the video details
  • We are still awaiting confirmation for the format of the RSS feed to be used for ShowYou feed consumption, as this is still in it’s early days.

The Hiccup

The ShowYou feed RSS consumer needs us to either…

  1. Provide a universal IFrame embed code, or
  2. Provide separate mobile stream and web player.

Now the Wistia control panel offer you the ‘iframe that works everywhere’ embed code as an options.  The problem is that the API only provides the <object> type embed code, according to the documentation, & no obvious correlation between the video file names & the iframe embed code.  Turns out the Wistia API does provide the hash that forms part for the iframe URL (thanks Wistia support!  :o), so we can construct the iframe element from the information about the media on Wistia, retrieved using the API.

For those geeks out there that need to know, you can use the ‘hashed-id’ value from the medias API feed to work out the iframe URL.

Going a Step Further

Having done this, we thought it might be useful to be able to import feeds from other sources, to we’ve separated out the parser code into separate files, allowing different feeds to be parsed uniquely for each feed, to generate the RSS feed from different sources.  All a new feed type needs is a new parser class file.

The Code

As this was developed for a client, we will not release this publicly until the client is happy for it to me, but watch this space, as we don’t envisage them saying no.