Guest List App (Facebook)

Our Guest List App allows you to take bookings for your events, quickly & easily, via a page on your Facebook paage. Not only is it quick & simple for the users, but it is also a doddle to manage your events from within the admin console where you can create, update or delete events, and view current booking numbers and names.

Not only that, but when user’s book their places on your guest list there is the option of posting about your event to all their friends (either directly, or via a news post made by the user), helping you harness the real power of social media & peer recommendations.

What’s more, when it comes to the day of your event, we will imminently be offering you a check-in too that will allow you to check your guests in from your smart phone, event in places where you can’t get an internet connection (just download the list while you do, & then use it offline at your event).

Want to know more, then for now, please contact us, or watch this space as we will soon be offering a self service setup of this application for everyone.